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To establish and maintain an effective and efficient
quality supplies, we planned and developed in
conjunction with other management functions,
quality services that comply with international
standards. The assessment of conformity of work to
contract and regulatory requirements is made based
on evidence of quality.

Our company depends on technical and commercial
skills as well as carefully targeted investment
strategy The crucial element of performance lies in
the ability to provide high caliber services

Nigeria is endowed with access to the Atlantic Ocean, numerous inland waterways and large wetlands from Lagos to Calabar. Without permanent dredging activities, the development of the southern part of the country and the functionality of its ports gateways of the nation cannot be sustained. Since numerous construction projects in Nigeria also require dredging works, the dredging department rounds off the range of services offered by MATRIXX ARMSTRONG compared with other methods, dredging offers numerous advantages; the dredged material is removed through pipes, eliminating the need for costly construction of transport roads.

We have a long standing tradition in operating a company owned fleet of high performance dredgers. The equipment fully covers our clients'
requirements.  We dredge for: Shipping channels, Land reclamation, Ports, Stockpiling and Road construction

We undertake projects in all aspects of the Engineering. We have a track record spanning close to a decade and we are continuously developing the range and depth of our skills through training and recruitment. We cover the following:
•Civil/Structural Projects
•Residential Townships
•Water Resources
•Water Supply
•Wastewater Treatment
•Polluted Storm Water Control
•Storm water Drainage Modelling
•Affordable Housing

Through a network of regional offices and strategically located core skill centres, we are able to provide the full range of professional engineering services locally and throughout Nigeria

Principal Fields of Expertise
•Township Infrastructure
•Bulk Water Supply
•Storm Water Management
•Roads and Bridges
•Agricultural Engineering
•Urban Development and Management
•Roads Storm water Drainage, Sewers and Water Supply
•Civil Engineering Services and Site Works for Building

Our project Management Division comprises a professional team delivering creative project solutions in the built environment with resources from varying appropriate backgrounds and experiences, which includes building management, commercial, financial, human resources, engineering and development related disciplines. It is worthy to note that MATRIXX ARMSTRONG LIMITED is  the founding sponsor of the Project Management Institute of South Africa Specialist Advisors and Consultants in the NEC/JBCC/GCC Form of Contract Documentation.

Projects in various sectors:
•Housing and Residential
•Education and Training
•Management Services
•Public Buildings

We provide project planning and programming of drilling, completions work over activities and technical resources across the entire well services lifecycle including well design, well planning, well performance monitoring, well intervention, well testing, mud logging, MWD LWD, flow assurance, wire line services, life of well integrity and well site operation We work with oil gas operators, oilfield service providers and specialist technical well services

Also our expert capabilities are in two critical phases for initial development of wells. For wells where more data is needed to define the reservoir characteristics, or to better define the produced fluids to establish design parameters for production facilities, we apply traditional well testing
equipment for an extended well test. The ability to implement your process facility needs begins by creating a true partnership with you from the beginning. During the initial FEED (front end engineering and design) stage, Matrixx Armstrong focuses on the design requirements.

From the initial requirements, we offer the ability to “fast track” facilities specially designed to meet requirements or provide facilities around standard process modules for well control, separation, fluid conditioning, and disposal.

We offer comprehensive management concepts and flexible solutions for all kinds of support needed. Our expert teams develop and implement integrated, multimodal transportation concepts designed specifically for the complexities of the energy industry. Our global network of hubs, regional hubs, storage facilities and our dedicated team of specialists bring customer focused solutions to your oil gas activities. We use a tightly knit communications and operations network. For extremely cost efficient and reliable transport by sea, air, land and rail, you benefit from our
end to end transport chain from door to door, around the clock.

We are known for conceptualizing, planning, designing and deploying solar powered solutions to meet the growing private and industrial needs We
are a facilitator, integrator, provider and installer of a variety of complementary energy products and services within the homes and at a larger commercial entity as well as for local councils, states and regions. We have recorded tremendous achievement in utilizing modern, state of the art equipment and best globally partnership with our best brains and specialists to provide required services.

In recent times, we have become a specialized entity that has provided professional and smart power solutions on challenging geographical areas
where there is near absence of electricity in Nigeria, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. The success stories of these projects are resounding and we are
glad to have successfully undertaken solar powered solution projects even beyond the shores of Africa.

Our solar solutions are need based, economically viable, and highly customized to meet global standards Solar energy systems can help bridge the electricity gap amongst our clients and would be customers in illuminating streets, stadia, and all manners of electricity needs.

Our Environmental Division comprises a team of Specialists which include Environmental Scientists Environmental Planners, Consultants, Environmental Project Managers, GIS Specialists and Public Participation Specialists and Practitioners The Division manages a range of environmental projects and offers services in the preparation of a range of strategies to manage development and potential impacts of development.

We design development of corporate or individual residential outlays Such as plan Design and drawing interpretation, evaluation, quantification and develop to our clients taste To make it more interesting and habitable, we set out its beautification, landscaping, flowering and street outlays We plant trees and flowers and provide adequate and healthy environmental posture of the project.

General Environmental Services Offered:
*Strategic Environmental Planning
*Impact Assessment Environmental Management
*In House Specialist Skills
*Surface Water /Water Resources
*Assessment Tourism Planning and Development
*Biodiversity Assessments
*Geographic Information Systems
*Public Participation

Environmental Engineering Services:
*Environmental Studies/Consultancy
*Pollution Control/Monitoring
*Containment of Oil Spill
*Integrated Waste Management
*Pest Control Services
*Tank Cleaning
*Evacuation of Sewage/ Oil Sludge

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